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2017. Who am I

Our workshop collaborated with Porvoo ART School in 2017 welcomed three children from Cyprus and three children from China. Considering the multicultural backgrounds of the participants, identity and environment as the main theme of the workshop were planned. Every day had each subtitle, as well as who am I, who am I in nature, or who am I in the group.

Children observe themselves and others in the playful and friendly atmosphere.


"My skin is flesh-colored, what color is the flesh color?


My eyes are black, but sometimes it seems to be brown."


"Your feet are bigger than mine!"


We also have an international teacher team, such as Mtyto from Cyprus, and she is the Master student from Aalto University, NoVA program, at that time, and Irina, the teacher from Porvoo Art School, and Jie Zhao from China.


We walked into the forest to discover the secrets that the forest passed to children: what color is the shadow? How many layers does the bark have? How can one half of a leaf be green and half be red? The seemingly withered grass hides my favorite pink!


At the picnic time, we met an elf who turned into a caterpillar. It crawled slowly in our hands and brought us into the forest stage. That's wonderful because we became the forest elves, singing and dancing, from one tree to another.


Although the ancient legends from the forest are far away from our daily life, in fact, the natural four seasons change, affecting us from time to time, from seasonal ingredients to mood thoughts. The forest inspires our imagination, observation, thinking, cooperation and experience.

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