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2018. 8.8

In August 2018, 20 participants came to join Forestworkshop from China. The first station was Nuuksio Park. We tasted the fresh and free air, water, and everywhere berries in the Finnish National Forest Park. A walk started at 10 pm in the middle of the night was for the purpose of the perfect sunset: the warm pink sky sinking to the untouched lake. ​​


2017. Who am I 

This intercultural workshop is for kids aging from 6 to 10. Under the theme Who am I, we discussed how different or similar we are; what traces we are able to leave in nature; what can we create when our footprints or echoes come together...


This three days intensive workshop is a creative experimentation, a discussion, an exploration, a friendship between kids from China, Cyprus, and Finland.


2016. Forest Book 

Forest Book is a visual dialogue between Finnish and Chinese children from Thtaankadun ala-aste Primary School and Shanghai Shixi Primary School. Different backgrounds and the long distance couldn't stop the curiosity and friendships. Forest connect us together. 


Collaborated with Etana Editions, we created the Forest Book based on several workshops. All the illustrations and text in the book are from children themselves. 

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