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In August 2018, 20 participants came to join Forestworkshop from China. The first station was Nuuksio Park. We tasted the fresh and free air, water, and everywhere berries in the Finnish National Forest Park. A walk started at 10 pm in the middle of the night was for the purpose of the perfect sunset: the warm pink sky sinking to the untouched lake.


We visited Haltia Center (Finnish National Nature Center) and got the knowledge from many angles, such as the concept of the Finnish wood architecture, the animals in the cold region, and the philosophical discussion about genes.


One child said, “the forest is large and quiet, and it has everything.”


Parents also feel that the Nordic forest is really peaceful and safe.


Capital Helsinki is our second stop. We visited National Gallery and a number of local galleries. We walked in the city, observing and thinking about art and our life in 21 century. 


Three-day workshops in Porvoo Art School was the favorite part of the entire trip. Children showed their talents and excited to work with Finnish teachers. Young participants used their eyes and hands to observe and express, to establish relationships with the new environment, and of course the friendship as well. At the same time, parents got the chance to enjoy a moment of leisure time alone. 


We are also welcomed by the organic farm Bosgard. The 14-year-old Amanda shared that the agricultural knowledge she got from this trip was a surprise because she was very impressed by where was the meat from. The owner told us we were so far away from the roots of nature, that majority of people already forgot the difficulties and patients of raising animals. 


The visiting to water laboratory at Aalto University  was the last destination. We did the field works with doctoral students and had a chance to look close to the lab and their scientific experiments.


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