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Idea is making it visible

It is important for me to think about the reason. I constantly ask myself why I am fascinated about nature; how to work with people; what is my method... The idea of being able to understand is more strong, the pain of not knowing is getting heavier. Until I read that "Idea" comes from the Greek verb "to see", linked to the notion of the "visible image". I am suddenly inspired that if the thinking is the seeing, then a visible image is just an idea!

Then I try to have a look, to open my eyes, to transform the action of thought to sense and experience, although I couldn't give up thinking totally, just like now, at this writing and thinking moment. I got some fragments of images during my everyday life, such as on the way to work, chatting with a Finnish neighbor about gardening...

Somehow, I started to get meaning from what I saw, no matter languages, art, text, or my poor Finnish, English. Idea is no longer an objective, but a process of making it visible and realizable…

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